Manufacturing Description
Module Manufacturer:Corsair
Module Part Number:CMK32GX4M2B3200C16
Module Series:Vengeance LPX
DRAM Manufacturer:Micron Technology
DRAM Components:D9TZV (MT40A1G8WE-075E:D)
Component Design ID:Z01B
DRAM Die Revision / Process Node:D / 20 nm
Module Manufacturing Date:Undefined
Module Manufacturing Location:Taiwan
Module Serial Number:00000000h
Module PCB Revision:00h
Physical & Logical Attributes
Fundamental Memory Class:DDR4 SDRAM
Module Speed Grade:DDR4-2133P downbin
Base Module Type:UDIMM (133,35 mm)
Module Capacity:16 GB
Reference Raw Card:B0 (8 layers)
JEDEC Raw Card Designer:Micron Technology
Module Nominal Height:31 < H <= 32 mm
Module Thickness Maximum, Front:1 < T <= 2 mm
Module Thickness Maximum, Back:1 < T <= 2 mm
Number of DIMM Ranks:2
Address Mapping from Edge Connector to DRAM:Mirrored
DRAM Device Package:Standard Monolithic
DRAM Device Package Type: 78-ball FBGA
DRAM Device Die Count:Single die
Signal Loading:Not specified
Number of Column Addresses:10 bits
Number of Row Addresses:16 bits
Number of Bank Addresses:2 bits (4 banks)
Bank Group Addressing:2 bits (4 groups)
DRAM Device Width:8 bits
Programmed DRAM Density:8 Gb
Calculated DRAM Density:8 Gb
Number of DRAM components:16
DRAM Page Size:1 KB
Primary Memory Bus Width:64 bits
Memory Bus Width Extension:0 bits
DRAM Post Package Repair:Not supported
Soft Post Package Repair:Not supported
DRAM Timing Parameters
Fine Timebase:0,001 ns
Medium Timebase:0,125 ns
CAS Latencies Supported:9T, 10T, 11T, 12T,
13T, 14T, 15T, 16T
Minimum Clock Cycle Time (tCK min):0,938 ns (1066,10 MHz)
Maximum Clock Cycle Time (tCK max):1,500 ns (666,67 MHz)
CAS# Latency Time (tAA min):13,500 ns
RAS# to CAS# Delay Time (tRCD min):13,500 ns
Row Precharge Delay Time (tRP min):13,500 ns
Active to Precharge Delay Time (tRAS min):33,000 ns
Act to Act/Refresh Delay Time (tRC min):46,500 ns
Normal Refresh Recovery Delay Time (tRFC1 min):350,000 ns
2x mode Refresh Recovery Delay Time (tRFC2 min):260,000 ns
4x mode Refresh Recovery Delay Time (tRFC4 min):160,000 ns
Short Row Active to Row Active Delay (tRRD_S min):3,701 ns
Long Row Active to Row Active Delay (tRRD_L min):5,300 ns
Long CAS to CAS Delay Time (tCCD_L min):5,356 ns
Four Active Windows Delay (tFAW min):23,000 ns
Maximum Active Window (tMAW):8192*tREFI
Maximum Activate Count (MAC):Unlimited MAC
DRAM VDD 1,20 V operable/endurant:Yes/Yes
Thermal Parameters
Module Thermal Sensor:Not Incorporated
SPD Protocol
SPD Revision:1.0
SPD Bytes Total:512
SPD Bytes Used:384
SPD Checksum (Bytes 00h-7Dh):547Dh (OK)
SPD Checksum (Bytes 80h-FDh):27DEh (OK)
Part number details
JEDEC DIMM Label:16GB 2Rx8 PC4-2133P-UB0-10
1067 MHz161515365046625
1067 MHz151515365046625
933 MHz141313314445522
933 MHz131313314445522
800 MHz121111273835519
800 MHz111111273835519
667 MHz1099223134416
667 MHz999223134416
Intel Extreme Memory Profiles
Profiles Revision: 2.0
Profile 1 (Certified) Enables: Yes
Profile 2 (Extreme) Enables: No
Profile 1 Channel Config: 1 DIMM/channel
XMP ParameterProfile 1Profile 2
Speed Grade:DDR4-3200N/A
DRAM Clock Frequency:1600 MHzN/A
Module VDD Voltage Level:1,35 VN/A
Minimum DRAM Cycle Time (tCK):0,625 nsN/A
CAS Latencies Supported:20T,19T,18T,17T,
CAS Latency Time (tAA):16TN/A
RAS# to CAS# Delay Time (tRCD):18TN/A
Row Precharge Delay Time (tRP):18TN/A
Active to Precharge Delay Time (tRAS):36TN/A
Active to Active/Refresh Delay Time (tRC):54TN/A
Four Activate Window Delay Time (tFAW):36TN/A
Short Activate to Activate Delay Time (tRRD_S):6TN/A
Long Activate to Activate Delay Time (tRRD_L):9TN/A
Normal Refresh Recovery Delay Time (tRFC1):559TN/A
2x mode Refresh Recovery Delay Time (tRFC2):415TN/A
4x mode Refresh Recovery Delay Time (tRFC4):255TN/A
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